Bernie madoff fraud case

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Madoff investment scandal

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Bernard Madoff

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Bernard L. Madoff

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Bernard Madoff

In this frequently-updated post, we maintain a running list of recent and notable financial fraud cases. We’ve also recapped several of history’s most infamous financial fraud. Bernie Madoff is expected to plead guilty Thursday in response to an count information (PDF) alleging crimes ranging from securities fraud to money.

Dec 12,  · Bernie Madoff's $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme.

Bernie Madoff

Robert Lenzner Contributor. If indeed, $50 billion was lost, as apparently Madoff claims, it is the largest such fraud in history, and one that might. The Securities and Exchange Commission Post-Madoff Reforms. In DecemberBernard L. Madoff admitted to perpetrating a massive Ponzi scheme.

Bernard Madoff, also known as Bernie Madoff, is an individual who was convicted of what is presumed to be the largest and most financially-devastating financial crimes within the history of the United States.

Bernie madoff fraud case
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