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Islamic economics in Pakistan

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Pakistan, however, will become the most important player in Islamic banking and finance, if it attains 20% market share. This is so because the country is the second largest Islamic market. Islamic funds industry has not yet fully developed and diversified in Pakistan whereas Islamic finance can find rich social grounds for its growth and expansion in the country with over 95 percent Muslim population.

What primarily concerns the users of Islamic financial services is the Shariah. Potential gains “In fact, 15 per cent is a modest aim,” Mohammad Humayon Abbas Dar, Islamic economist, Sharia consultant and founding editor of the Global Islamic Finance Report, is quoted.

A fast emerging market and major economy of OIC countries, Pakistan has a mature Islamic Finance market. Pakistan, with a large Muslim population, remains at the forefront in developing and promoting Islamic finance and is one of the active and effective players in the global Islamic finance industry.

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Islamic finance pakistan
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